Our jewels are made of 925 silver, rhodium-plated silver and 18k gold-plated silver. Here are some tips to make your jewellery last as long as possible as new.

  • Wear your jewellery after using beauty products. Avoid direct contact with creams, sprays, perfumes or cosmetics as they may leave traces on the jewellery or be abrasive to the metals.
  • Do not use cleaning products with the jewellery on as they can also be abrasive and damage the polish of the jewellery, the minerals or accelerate the wear of the gold bath.
  • Avoid bathing in the sea or swimming pools with your jewellery on. Salt and chlorine can damage and change the colour of the metals, as well as accelerate the wear of the gold bath.
  • Avoid doing sport with your jewellery on. Sweat is acidic and can damage metals. At the same time, you will avoid that they accidentally break, for example, with some hooked.



  • In a jewellery box well protected from air and light.
  • We recommend storing the jewellery individually in airtight plastic or cellophane bags or wrapping it in tissue paper to avoid oxidation and contact with each other and scratching it. You can also put in damp-proof bags and create a drier environment.
  • Avoid direct contact of the jewel with the wood.
  • Do not store the jewellery in damp places such as the bathroom.
  • Do not store the jewellery in rubber containers as it accelerates its tarnishing.

The boxes of ZUERAS are not designed to keep the jewels during prolonged time since they are not hermetic. For this reason, if the jewellery is inside for a long time without being used, it may change its colour and you will have to clean it.  


ZUERAS cannot guarantee that the gold bath will last forever
. These jewels are more delicate and susceptible to lose the colour (the gold bath) and therefore you must be especially careful.
We recommend not to wet them, to take them off in the shower, sea or swimming pool and when doing sport to avoid sweating. You should also avoid contact with chemicals and cosmetics. The durability of the gold bath will depend on its care and the PH of each person's skin.  


Never use bleach, whiteners, chlorine, degreasers, anti-limescale or other chemicals as they may discolour or damage metal and stones.


Silver oxidizes on contact with oxygen and sulphides. For this reason we see that it darkens or turns yellow.
Some skins with a very acidic pH can also get dirty.Rhodium plated silver jewellery takes longer to get dirty, but it can also darken or stain. Rhodium-plated silver or silver jewellery can be cleaned by rubbing a cotton or flannel cloth (synthetic fibres can scratch the piece). Moisten the cloth with dishwashing soap and warm water and rub the jewel. You can also use a soft toothbrush to reach the hardest corners. Then dry it with a soft cotton cloth or a warm hairdryer.  


Do not use chemicals, gold cleaners, ultrasonic cleaners or products with ammonia.
Special silver cleaning products such as "magic cotton" or liquids can be used for silver with a shiny finish but not with other textures that could be damaged such as matte silver, old silver, oxidised silver (black) specifically or with baths. Matte silver can be cleaned with a white eraser. Cleaning silver jewellery with bicarbonate and a cloth is a good technique for pieces with matt or sand finishes, but it could scratch the surface of pieces with smooth polished finish.  


They can be cleaned with water and dishwashing soap or neutral with a soft cloth or toothbrush to reach the most difficult corners. Then dry them with a dry cotton cloth or a warm hairdryer. 




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